WIP: Hardware changes to my Ceph Nautilus Cluster

This week-end, I made some hardware changes to my Ceph Nautilus cluster.

picture of my 4 F5-422 nodes all drive bays filled

While previously I used one SSD shared between the operating system and Ceph, I did want a clean setup where the OS and Ceph are on separate devices.

Blog post still likely to be amended, WIP: will be removed from the title when that is no longer the case.

agents, putty, shared home and Windows

On customer site, I am quite often forced to use a Windows machine to access the Linux boxes I work on. This means I will not have an ssh-agent (nor a gpg-agent) running on the machine I’m sitting at (the Win box) and the Linux boxes I access via putty tend to have shared home directories.

Long story short, I need one agent per Linux box taking into account that I may have more than one login shell to the Linux box (i.e. multiple putty windows) and config files including the hostname.