Palm to Android and Jolla migration

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This is an update of the post from 2013-09-13

For my calendar, memos, tasks and contacts I have been using a Palm all the way from a PalmPilot through a Palm Vx, a Tungsten T, a Tungsten T5 and now a Palm TX. I have come to rely heavily on the built-in PalmOS apps and DateBk6.

Nothing ever being perfect, I had a few instances over the decades where I had to restore a backup, but the following are features I haveco to rely upon heavily;

  • timezone support
  • task management
  • managing my contacts
  • keeping short text notes
  • data entry on my Fedora machines through J-Pilot
  • rolling backup window of 7 days with jpilot-backup

Having no wish to share my private data with a cloud provider, but Palm OS being truly dead, I needed a self hosted solution that offered equivalents to the above at the very least.

being used to access the most important data both on my deaktop with J-Pilot and on my Palm, I expect the new solution to work with my desktop (mostly KDE, sometimes Gnome) and my mobile devices (Jolla and NAdroid).

server backend

Currently (January 2014) I am using ownCloud6 as server backend on my home server. Data is kept in a MySQL database. This setup allows me to access my data over CalDAV and CardDAV.


KDE Desktop

Today this solves access on my desktop machine (I use multimple ways to access the data, most commonly Kontact via Akonadi)


On my Android devices (a Nexus 7 with stock ROM and a Galaxy S3 with Cyanogen) via CardDAV-Sync and CalDAV-Sync and Papyrus Ex via FolderSync. Tasks. Also see the wiki and the discussion group


On my Jolla, I can access the DAV folder that contains my notes with ownNotes.

Calendar is still work in progress, see buteo-sync-plugin-caldav and the changelog.

other Palm apps that need to provide similar functionality on modern devices


KeePassDroid on the Android devices, in tandem with FolderSync. KeePassX on my desktop and keeping the password file(s) in a folder on ownCloud’s file storage. This still lacks a solution for Jolla.

borrowing and lending

On the Palm I used Verleihnix to keep track of books and movies borrowed or lent. I have not yet looked for a replacement on Android.