visiting Helsinki

Every time a friend comes to visit, I tend to give out the same travel information. Being lazy, turning that into a posting seems sensible.

While I no longer live in Helsinki, there is no real need to delete this post. Keeping what the migration tool spit out.

Honda Deauville

From time to time people ask me what my motorbike looks like. Here’s some pictures.

The first three were taken shortly after I bough it, they are the ones where the bike is shiny. The rest were taken in September 2014, it’s noticeably dirtier in them.

front, new

Frosted trees

Frosted Trees In January 2010 weather conditions gave this beautiful scene in Helsinki. The trees were all covered with a fine layer of frost.

DynDNS updates with TSIG and NetworkManager dispatcher

for paid accounts (DynDNS Pro and Dyn Standard DNS), one can do the updates with TSIG.

This allows us to not use ddclient, thus not having our password in a config file on disk. Obviously, if the key is leaked, an attacker can still wreak havoc with your DynDNS zone configurations, but at least they will not be able to log onto the web interface of DynDNS under your name.

cool cars in Helsinki

Helsinki, especially the first Friday of summer months, has a rather high percentage of cool old cars. Here’s a few pictures I took.


fixing badly aligned storage

In the olden days, one would have to manually calculate[1] to get a file system (FS), in a logical volume (LV) that was part of a volume group (VG) living on a software RAID, properly aligned. I would get this calculation wrong in about 10% of the cases.

These days, modern Linux distributions like Fedora 14 and RHEL 6 parse hints from the storage.