Ansible 2.8 venv on Fedora 31 for ceph-ansible stable-4.0

Table of Contents

I intend to run ceph-ansible stable-4.0 on my Fedora 31 Workstation.

Since F31 comes with Ansible 2.9, but ceph-ansible 4.0 requires ansible>=2.8.8,<2.9, I simply used python -m venv ….

This is my braindump.

Create venv

First read up on Python 3 Virtual Environments set up, for example here.

As user on workstation:

mkdir ~/python-env
cd ~/python-env
python -m venv ansible2.8.8
source ansible2.8.8/bin/activate
pip install --upgrade pip setuptools
pip install ansible==2.8.8

Install ceph-ansible Requirements

As user on workstation:

pcfe@t7910 ~ $ cd ~/work/git/HouseNet/ceph-ansible
pcfe@t7910 ceph-ansible (stable-4.0-pcfe) $ source ~/python-env/ansible2.8.8/bin/activate
(ansible2.8.8) pcfe@t7910 ceph-ansible (stable-4.0-pcfe) $ pip install -r requirements.txt

Verify my Inventory

As user on workstation:

(ansible2.8.8) pcfe@t7910 ceph-ansible (stable-4.0-pcfe) $ ansible-inventory -i ~/work/git/HouseNet/ansible/inventories/ceph-F5-422-cluster.ini --list all
(ansible2.8.8) pcfe@t7910 ceph-ansible (stable-4.0-pcfe) $ ansible-inventory -i ~/work/git/HouseNet/ansible/inventories/ceph-F5-422-cluster.ini --graph all
  |  |--f5-422-01
  |  |--f5-422-01
  |  |--f5-422-01