finally fast internet

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my connection with Kabel Deutschland is finally up and running. On Friday my flat finally got it’s coax uplink.

Friday and Saturday I was getting some 40Mb/s down and something near the advertised up of 6Mb/s. Already much better than ADSL where the house wiring got me about 10Mb/s down and 0.6Mb/s up. Acceptable, but hoovering for example a new Fedora install DVD took more time than it should in 2013.

After 2 nightly sync runs (they were triggered automatically), I got the full 100Mb/s down and 6Mb/s up in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

here’s what the Fritz!Box 6360 Cable logged:

03.02.13  03:57:14  Kabel-Internet ist verfügbar (Synchronisierung besteht mit 106000/6360 kbit/s).
03.02.13  03:56:21  Kabel-Internet Synchronisierung beginnt (Training).

update, Sunday afternoon:

speed back down a bit (70Mb/s) but those fluctuations are expected on a shared medium and the speed is still a lot better than with the previous provider.

update mid April:

Did a couple more measurements, down speed is excellent, up speed fluctuates a bit.