ws2801 LED Strip and Teensy 3.0

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Got myself 4m of ws2801 LED Strip and a Teensy 3.0

Turns out this is a neat combination.

There’s 32leds/m 32*4=128 DC 5V

For retro pixel art anything above 8x8 is good. We can do 11*11 (1/3m high) or we use that to illuminate the kitchen counter.


w00t, PixelPusher made it’s funding goal at Kickstarter

{% blockquote Jas Strong Heroic Robotics Forum %} We support up to 240 pixels per port, and there are eight ports per PixelPusher. This gives a total of 1920 pixels per PixelPusher.

You can combine any type of chip on any PixelPusher on a per-string basis (ie., each string must consist of one single type of chip), but note that the power voltage is only configurable on a per-PixelPusher basis. If you want to use pixels (which are 12 volt) and strips (which are 5 volts) on the same PixelPusher, you will need to remove the power pin from the connector shell (takes about thirty seconds with a pointy tool or small screwdriver) and attach it to power externally. {% endblockquote %}

240 LEDS per 5 meters, so different spacing from my existing strip. Shame.

So either half a meter high (24 pixels) and only 10 wide but easy to augment with another strip on a second port and for now the existing strip with different pitch.

Or only 16 pixels high (~33cm) but 15 wide. And being realistic, for some retro pixel art anything above 8x8 is good.

Wiring definitely akin to this.