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WordPress and Drupal Migrated to Octopress

Why Octopress? Well I’m spending an awful lot of time chasing updates for my Wordpress and Drupal instances. Octopress, seems to be a saner choice for my simple blogging needs.

My blog source living in git is much more to my personal liking than faffing about in a webUI. See the section Host Your Own Remote Repository on the linked page.

The article Kommandozeilenblogger in c’t 9/2013 on page 158 got me looking at Octopress.

All the posts in my WordPress and Drupal blogs have been migrated.

Why the move?

Let’s be honest, what I did with Drupal was akin to taking a racing bike to ride 20feet or a moving truck to buy a single case of beer at the supermarket ;-)

The stuff I get via yum-cron updated flawlessly for Drupal (WordPress failed once) but I sometimes grabbed stuff from updates-testing, when the fix was urgent, and there was often a non packaged plug-in or themes, on either blog instance, that needed updating manually.

I’ll leave the two old blogs active for a while, but evenually I will shut down php and their database access.

And let’s not forget the joy of having my blog data under git with a remote master branch that goes daily to tape.