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Öffi on Jolla

Even if, like me, you do not want to install Google Play on your Jolla; you can still use Öffi.

  1. Install Android support via Jolla store.

  2. Potentially reboot after the installation of Android support completed. With Uitukka ( my Jolla seemed to need the reboot. (FIXME: citation needed, search Together.Jolla.Com for this.)

  3. Grab the file for a custom Android without com.google.android.maps library (aosp) from Öffi’s download page.

  4. Install it.

Agents, Putty, Shared Home and Windows

On customer site, I am quite often forced to use a Windows machine to access the Linux boxes I work on. This means I will not have an ssh-agent (nor a gpg-agent) running on the machine I’m sitting at (the Win box) and the Linux boxes I access via putty tend to have shared home directories.

Long story short, I need one agent per Linux box taking into account that I may have more than one login shell to the Linux box (i.e. multiple putty windows) and config files including the hostname.

Below you will find the .bashrc and .bash_profile I use. If you know of more elegant ways to do this, then email me.

Palm to Android and Jolla Migration

(This is an update of the post from 2013-09-13)

For my calendar, memos, tasks and contacts I have been using a Palm all the way from a PalmPilot through a Palm Vx, a Tungsten T, a Tungsten T5 and now a Palm TX. I have come to rely heavily on the built-in PalmOS apps and DateBk6.

Nothing ever being perfect, I had a few instances over the decades where I had to restore a backup, but the following are features I haveco to rely upon heavily;

  • timezone support
  • task management
  • managing my contacts
  • keeping short text notes
  • data entry on my Fedora machines through J-Pilot
  • rolling backup window of 7 days with jpilot-backup

Having no wish to share my private data with a cloud provider, but Palm OS being truly dead, I needed a self hosted solution that offered equivalents to the above at the very least.

Systemd TOC

While I do like Lennart’s blog posts on systemd, I waste way too much time finding specific articles. So here are my own links with post title.

The Biggest Myths

  1. Verifying Bootup
  2. Which Service Owns Which Processes?
  3. How Do I Convert A SysV Init Script Into A systemd Service File?i
  4. Killing Services
  5. The Three Levels of “Off”
  6. Changing Roots
  7. The Blame Game
  8. The New Configuration Files
  9. On /etc/sysconfig and /etc/default
  10. Instantiated Services
  11. Converting inetd Services
  12. Securing Your Services
  13. Log and Service Status
  14. The Self-Explanatory Boot
  15. Watchdogs
  16. Gettys on Serial Consoles (and Elsewhere)
  17. Using the Journal
  18. Managing Resources
  19. Detecting Virtualization
  20. Socket Activated Internet Services and OS Containers